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Arizona Politics
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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
8:44 am
J.D. Hayworth is a gigantic scumbag.

If you're not clicking on that link, let me give you the gist: J.D. Hayworth is accusing the President of identity theft.

"'All I'm saying is, for every race across the country, especially with identity theft in the news, it would be great that people can confirm who they say they are,' Hayworth said." That's a dog whistle, folks. You know it and I know it.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
11:36 am
Help Sonoran Alliance fight functional illiteracy...
So, the All-Star game. Brought in a boat-load of money.

Impact of NBA All-Star event at $35 million

Now, if we look at the smaller headline: Valley's All-Star revenue to increase after final tally

Revenue. That's an important word here. Let's look at the Mirian-Webster defintion:

3 : the yield of sources of income (as taxes) that a political unit (as a nation or state) collects and receives into the treasury for public use

That means the Valley took in 35 million dollars towards fees, taxes, direct income to business, etc. That's good right? I mean, in these economic times, $35,000,000 is not an insignificant number and is a good thing.

However, if your reading comprehension is, say, not in mint condition, you might think otherwise. You might write a post that lambastes the city of Phoenix for SPENDING $35 million. You might start off your post with something like this:

What is going on, Phoenix Mayor Gordon asks the federal government for a bailout, then goes and spends $35 million on an NBA all-star event?

I'd like you to it, but they've since taken it down: Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. Down the memory hole. You can, however, read the whole post - archived here: Freedom Arizona

Now, you might think: Hey, c'mon, everyone's entitled to a mistake. Of course, you might not know about this post where the same author "Chewie Shofir" said: "If this is the best our opponents can do to dissect our reporting, bring it on."

And then Hemingway punched me in the mouth.

EDIT: They've since restored the post and added the word "possibly" to the sentenced referenced above.
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
12:33 pm
During a forum today, Tom Delay said that the Dems have a better ground game than the Republicans.

lets keep the momentum going by actually making sure that we get out the vote in November.


On that note, I would like to rally all democrats, liberals, independents, and yes even republicans who support Barack Obama and Joe Biden to join us at some point over the next few weeks and to become a part of this campaign.

From the start Barack Obama said that this campaign was unlike any other, and if you look at what's driven it you'll notice that it's people. It’s up to us to use every bit of energy and enthusiasm that we have to help Barack Obama get elected and change the course of our nation.

Now, you might not have a lot of time to help out or get involved or you don't have money to donate. But this campaign is not just about money or for hiring staffers to do all of the organizing. It's about us getting to know our neighbors and to actually use this campaign to transform our communities by becoming more involved in them. Just last week I met a 38 year old woman who can only volunteer for 2 hours a week, so she began to have phone banking events right from her living room, and she didn't even spend a dime on it. She used her free weekend cell phone minutes.

So, if you have just 15-30 minutes a week or if you want to go all out and volunteer for 1 or 10 hours a week. We need you! There are even ways to help out and volunteer right from HOME. If you have free weekend minutes you can help us make phone calls, send messages, sign postcards, etc. So regardless of your situation you can still own a piece of this campaign and be a part of it.

To find out how to help out from home or right in your community please check out http://www.mybarackobama.com where you will have to register (no spam) and after that you can click on Action or Events - The Events feature is amazing! all you have to do is type in your zip code and you'll be able to see all the local Obama related house party, voter registration drives, book reading meetings, church events, and a variety of other local event that are both Obama and non-Obama related. So if you want to be a part of this historic campaign or if you just want to learn more about local politics, check out the "events" site feature. Below are some other ways to get involved.

Get Involved with your Local Field Office

The very first thing you should do is contact your local field office. The campaign has opened dozens of offices in states across the country. Check out this National map and find the office closest to you,

Your local field office will ask you to help in their efforts on the ground.

Get Organized Locally

In some cases, there may not be a local field office nearby, or you may be excited to get started organizing in your own town.

In order to help you in that process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide with all the resources and advice that you may need in that process.

First off, let us know that you are committed to getting your group organized! If you let us know that you're working in your local community, we can better help to empower you.

Don’t be shy in trying to get the word out. The more people that know your event is happening, the more likely you’ll get a sizable crowd.

Finally, make sure your local campaign field office knows about your event. You can find the office closest to you by visiting BarackObama.com and selecting your state.

You can also advertise your event by going to the Events site


I personally know so many first times ranging from 16 - 72 years old who have gotten involved for the FIRST time. People who can only help out from home for 1 hour a week, and individuals who come in and volunteer every single day. What matters is that we need YOU to help us create positive change in our local communities and in turn help to change and reform this country. What matters is that we don't stay home and just talk about this stuff, but actually turn out the vote and get out there and get to know others who are trying to help our country.

Feel free to call your field office or leave me a message w/ any of your questions.
Monday, August 11th, 2008
2:20 pm
2:20 pm
Hi, this video is directed to an American public and the rest of civilized Western world. I am a Russian citizen, I live in United States for a long time, for over 10 years. I happened to be in Russia now and I caught all this "action" that's taking place in South Ossetia, a region in Georgia. I never posted on youtube, but I couldn't hold myself from doing it now. I had to do this.
My message to American public is meant as a wake up call. American and other Western media especially CNN is feeding you complete horse shit! Russia did not invade and did not attack Georgia. It was a response to a horrible war crime committed by Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, this irresponsible man who just can't stand Russia, hates us, and will kiss America's and Europe's ass just to get a chance to join NATO and European Union. America has always supported Georgian "democracy" and I suspect actually that it was America who instigated Georgia to commit this crime.... on the first day of Olympics! How ironic is that? But please don't take this allegation too close heartedly, my point is not about whether or not U.S. government had any role in this, my point is to give you truth about what really happened Thursday night

So again, Russia did not invade or attack Georgia, as your media outlets are saying.

A brief geography and history lesson. South Ossetia is a very small region about 40 miles by 40 miles in the northern Georgia. It's population is around 70000 people. It borders with Russia. Today, many of the residents of South Ossetia are Russian citizens holding Russian passports, it's our people. South Ossetia had claimed independence from Georgia in 1992. Obviously it was never recognized by any international organizations. In 2006, they held an election where 99% of the voters supported independence from Georgia, and the turn out rate was 95%, it was monitored by a team of 34 international observers from the West. It still was not recognized by the world. As an analogy I would like to bring Kosovo situation, Serbian region in the south that was illegally snatched from Serbia and made into an independent country. Please look it up on Wikipedia and see how similar this situation is. How ironic is that America never supported Southern Ossetia same way it supported Kosovo. Obviously, it was made to show Russia how unfriendly the rest of the world is towards us.

Thursday night, Georgian military started an attack against South Ossetia. It was yesterday. They shelled the main city of Tshinkvali. They killed over a 1000 people. The excuse was to "restore the constitutional order in the region". BULLSHIT! This attack was an attempt to commit "ethnic cleansing", it was an act of genocide. They shelled civilian houses, schools, hospitals, without any warning. They also captured several villages near Tshinkvali. Reports say that they attempt to kill anyone of the Ossetian nationality. It was a pure act of Genocide. Wake up!

Russia couldn't watch this atrocity happening to its own citizens. We had no choice but to bring in our military into the region and protect our people. Whatever happens next the world needs to know, that the cause of this conflict is Georgia and its president. Before you accept what your media tells you, before you get fired up by McCains irresponsible allegations and comments, try remember all the lies that American media had always fed you, try to read news from other media outlets, not russian, but other parts of the world, other than U.S. or U.K.'s media.

America needs to wake up and stop doing what it's doing. Stop seeing an enemy in Russia. Stop using countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia who are basically acting like prostitutes of U.S. government in their public acts of hatred towards Russia.

And finally need to say, Mr. SSHAshvili that's how we like to call him. S.SH.A stands for U.S.A in Russian. Mr. SSHAshvili will pay for what happened yesterday.
Monday, July 28th, 2008
10:50 am
EXCLUSIVE: Local Blogger "Tony GOPrano" leaves American soldier out to dry
So, my new arch, "Tony GOPrano" blogs all about John McCain. How John McCain will single-handedly win the "War on Terror" (TM), how he'll personally balance America's checkbook, and how John McCain will, like John Henry driving spikes or Paul Bunyan clearing the forests, make oil flow through the pumps like water flows through the Mississippi.

When John McCain threw down the gauntlet about Obama not having been in Iraq and not meeting with the troops and all that, Obama picked it up, and smacked old John in the face with it. And media reported with something close to "reverent awe".

But what if I told you it was all a scam! A scam I tells ya!

In the post THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT BARACK OBAMA'S IRAQ TRIP - From a Soldier in Iraq, CPT Jeffrey S. Porter in Afghanistan spills the beans how Barack just met the generals and shot hoop but didn't meet with the troops BECAUSE HE'S AN ELITIST WHO LIKES ARUGULA AND COMMUNISM.


The Army refuted the accuracy of the account of the Obama visit.

“These comments are inappropriate and factually incorrect,” Bagram spokesman Lt. Col. Rumi Nielson-Green told the New York Daily News.

The best part:

Army Times sent an e-mail to Porter... Porter’s reply declined the interview request, but said:

“I am writing this to ask that you delete my e-mail and not forward it, after checking my sources some of the information that was put out in my e-mail was wrong. This e-mail was meant only for my family. Please respect my wishes and delete the e-mail and if there are any blogs you have my e-mail portrayed on I would ask if you would take it down too.”

Captain Porter's obviously in a world of hurt if the brass is talking to the press. And that request to take the e-mail down is pretty unambiguous.

Alas, it appears the #1 McCain blog in Arizona would rather make a cheap (and apparently untruthful) shot at Obama than acquiesce to wishes of a soldier. Why does Tony GOPrano hate the troops?

Does Tony GOPrano hate the troops?
Saturday, January 12th, 2008
8:27 am
Please read this entry its important.
I find the possibility of a child predator owning a movie theater horrifying.
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
1:37 pm
Arpaio Recall Effort
Arizonans for the US Constitution and Recall of Joe Arpaio has filed to start a petition drive to recall Arpaio and Andy Thomas in light of the abuses of power that recently came out in the New Times debacle. They don't seem to have a website.

Has anyone seen a schedule as to where they're going to be collecting signatures?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
12:06 pm
Is anyone munching popcorn as Thomas and Arpaio dig a hole for themselves?
Azcentral.com, in an act of cowardice, removed a weblink to public records containing Andrew Thomas's home address. Accordingly, I put up such a link on Goldwater State

Any thoughts on Sherrif Joe's increasingly Chavez-esque paranoia or Thomas's malicious prosecutions? Is this the end of the road for the Despicable Duo?
Friday, August 24th, 2007
3:20 pm
Serious Question
What are the differences between Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton besides the fact that he is a black man and she is a white woman?
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
10:53 am
phoenixrockcity.com needs YOUR posts and flyers!
PhoenixRockCity.com is fully operational, and people are signing up for accounts!

But we need more promoters there! Please sign up for your FREE account, and start posting flyers and other promo material for your local events.

We want shows and concerts, we want film festivals, we want vegan potlucks, we want protest marches, we want raves, we want vaudeville, we want roller derby, we want fetish proms, we want improv classes, we want EVERYTHING!!!

Please go to PhoenixRockCity.com, sign up for an account, and start posting. This is a non-profit site and it's absolutely FREE advertising for your event!

Check out PhoenixRockCity.com NOW!

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Friday, May 18th, 2007
3:49 pm
Phoenix Rock City
Hi Phoenicians,

I am posting to invite all promoters and participants of fun events going on in Phoenix and its surrounding areas to come try out a new forum, PhoenixRockCity.com.

It's free, and all varieties of interests are welcome.

We are posting here because we have a category for political events, marches, protests, meetings for political and humanitarian groups, etc.

Whatever you got, we want!

The "official" launch is Memorial Day weekend, but we're hoping to get the word out now so new visitors already find posts waiting for them.

It's free, and no one involved in the site is making money off it, it's just a labor of love for those who love Phoenix and its underground/alternative/indie/counterculture scene.

Thanks for reading (and apologies for whatever crossposting may be getting this message on your friends' page multiple times!)

Thursday, March 1st, 2007
6:03 pm
Lately I've been hearing a lot about voters in Arizona who have libertarian views. These people seem to have political views most closely matched with the Libertarian Party but they don't actually register as Libertarians. In fact, most register as Independents. Why is this?

X-posted to az_libertarians
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
11:52 am
Tucson to have roving photo radar, intersection cameras
Not having learned from Maricopa County's mistakes, the Tucson City Council last night approved a plan for a roving photo-radar van and intersection-mounted speed and red-light cameras.


I've posed mine on my blog, Goldwater State. Tucson city council asks for the monkeywrench.
Monday, October 23rd, 2006
12:27 pm
Arizona's ballot initiatives
Although I'm a few days behind schedule, I'm most of the way through a series of daily commentaries on each of Arizona's ballot questions.

Check them out at http://goldwaterstate.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_goldwaterstate_archive.html
Thursday, July 20th, 2006
12:43 pm
Vote for AZ to get Early Democratic Primary in '08

Click on the link to read an article about AZ possibly getting the early Democratic Primary in 2008 and then cast your vote in the poll at the end of the article.
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
3:07 pm
Ballot initiative to restrict takings
A friend of mine is field coordinator for a serious ballot initiative effort to make the state's eminent domain takings laws more just. Specifically, the act proposed, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act", does four things:

(1) It eliminates the abuse of the eminent domain takings power to enrich private developers by defining public use to mean either posession, occupation, and enjoyment of the land by the general public or public agencies, acquisition to eliminate direct threats to public health and safety, acquisition of abandoned property, or use for creation or operation of utilities--*explicitly* excluding "public benefits of economic development, including an increase in tax base, tax revenues, employment, or general economic health".

(2) It provides for true just compensation for takings. Currently people are given the market value of their home when eminent domain power is exercised for the purpose of slum clearance. What this often means is that poor homeowners become poor renters, because (owning the cheapest land in the area) they cannot then afford a comparable replacement dwelling. The Act requires the government to provide compensation in the form of a comparable replacement dwelling that is "decent, safe, and sanitary", or if monetary compensation is desired, the amount needed to purchase a comparable replacement dwelling.

(3) It establishes (with some common sense exclusions), a partial taking--when existing rights to use, divide, sell, or possess real property are reduced by any land use law enacted after the date of purchase, reducing the market value, the owner, under the Act, is entitled to just compensation. Down here in Pima County we've had people driven to ruin by NIMBYs who seek rezoning before newly-purchased land can be built on.

(4) It guarantees that public use is a judicial, not legislative, question and places the burden of proof on government when slum clearance is the issue, requiring the government to prove that "each parcel is necessary to eliminate a direct threat to public health or safety caused by the property in its current condition" before condemnation can proceed.

If you'd like to lend a hand and pass around a petition among your friends or at your workplace--or if you'd like me or someone else to drop in on a meeting and say a few things about this for ten minutes or so--leave a comment or email me back-channel.
Friday, May 19th, 2006
1:32 pm
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
5:20 pm
Harry Mitchell Announcement Event Wednesday
Sen. Harry Mitchell will be officially announcing his candidacy for Congress against JD Hayworth 11 am tomorrow at the Harry Mitchell Government Complex AKA Tempe City Hall AKA the Upside-Down Pyramid.

Everyone should come out and see him.

The address is 31 E. 5th, Tempe
Time: 11:00 am
Date: Wednesday 4/12/2006
Friday, March 31st, 2006
2:31 pm
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